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Locked Out Or Lost Keys Yale Lock


We gain entry or supply a large variety of Yale locks including,

Yale rim cylinder locks,

Yale night-latches,

Yale traditional rim cylinder night-latches,

Yale modern night-latches


The history of Yale

Yale – the world’s favourite lock

Yale is one of the oldest international brands in the world and probably the best-known name in the locking industry. The Yale history captures major innovations that have marked the evolution not just of Yale, but of the entire locking industry.


Yale has its roots in colonial America. The Yale family decided to emigrate to the New World from North Wales. A few generations later, about 1840, Linus Yale Sr., began designing and manufacturing a series of innovative, high security locks at his Yale Lock Shop in Newport, New York. He specialized in expensive, handmade bank locks.

Pioneer innovation

Linus Yale Sr.’s son joined his father in the business in 1850 and perfected and patented his father’s pin tumbler cylinder lock and became the considered locking expert of his time. In 1862, Yale Jr. introduced the Monitor Bank Lock, marking the transition in bank locks from key locks to dial or combination locks. The principles, embodied in his Monitor Lock, are now standard in combination locks throughout the USA.

Yale Jr.

Yale Jr. was also experimenting with a lock based on a mechanism first employed by the ancient Egyptians over 4,000 years ago. Granted patents in 1861 and 1865, Yale finally succeeded in creating his most important invention – the Yale cylinder lock. Linus Yale Jr. transformed the locking industry forever with his many breakthrough inventions.

Worldwide expansion

Relying on Yale patents, Yale’s sterling name and sheer ingenuity, Yale Jr. and his colleague Henry Towne established the Yale & Towne company in 1868, at the time employing 35 people.

The company grew and broadened its scope with manually operated chain hoists, battery powered platform trucks and in 1879 a line of padlocks was introduced. Yale & Towne purchased Norton door closer company and H. and T. Vaughan Ltd.

In the early 20th century, the company expanded worldwide and employed more than 12,000 people. Throughout the 20th century, purchases, acquisitions and joint ventures have made Yale locks well-known worldwide.

In August 2000 Yale was purchased by the ASSA ABLOY Group, and has since then been an important part of the global leader in door opening solutions.





24-hour emergency lost key services to deal with any of your locksmith incidents. Operating day and night across your local area we ensure the best lost key service by a professional locksmith at most competitive prices.

The mystery of lost keys, which are preventing you from getting access to your house, doesn’t have to be a real hassle. Due to your situation we can try and assess what can be done over the phone and provide you with advice and in case you need one, also a good locksmith and lost keys services.

Contact our mobile emergency locksmith team on 07593 213755 and resolve your lost keys situation rapidly.

Losing your house keys is extremely frustrating. The likelihood of you – or a potential burglar – finding them has to be weighed against your home’s security. When do you call a locksmith to change your locks and when do you risk it? It depends:

If you dropped your keys into a drain or if they fell into a river from a boat, then even if they’re found, there is little chance of them being connected to your property and you may decide not to change the door locks. However, there are times when you must – especially if your key tag clearly has your address on it, or you lost it locally.
Whether you have a latch lock or a deadlock, a locksmith can provide you with a quality product and install it correctly. They may also be able to recommend ways that you can make your home more secure: window locks, for example. Using a combination lock is another option, although most people prefer the familiar key.
Keeping in mind that some insurance companies may refuse to pay out if a lock hasn’t been changed and there’s a break in, it pays to have peace of mind by changing your lock if you lose you house key.













Locked Out?

If you are locked out of your house or have lost your house keys we will get to you fast!

We employ only professional Locksmiths who, using the latest technology and techniques, will gain entry to your house with the minimum of fuss. As professional locksmiths we will open your door by lock picking or drilling the lock, keeping any potentially costly damage to the surrounding door to a minimum.


Locked Out – Keys Inside?

24 hour locksmiths can gain entry to most locks without having to change the lock, enabling the continual use of your existing set of keys. We can help if you have accidentally left your keys in your house and are now locked out.


Locked Out – Lost Keys?

If you are locked out and lose your keys, opening your door will depend on the type of lock on the door:

Cylinder Rim Locks (Yale Locks)

If you lose keys to a cylinder rim lock (Yale lock) our Locksmiths will try and pick the cylinders where possible if this is not possible we would most probably have to drill the lock to open the door and then change the lock barrel. Barrel changes on Yale type locks are generally inexpensive.

Mortice Locks

If you lose keys to a mortice lock a professional locksmiths will usually drill the lock to gain entry, replace the lock and provide a new set of keys. Alternatively a professional locksmith could pick the lock to gain entry and then make a new key for the lock however, making keys is more time consuming and therefore often the more expensive option.

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